Tuesday, August 5, 2008

SXL Magazine

Great news for everyone one who knows about suicidexl.com. There first issue of the magazine just came out as of August 1, 2008.

Have you ever heard of suicide girls? Well if you have your going to love suicidexl.com! SuicideXL.com has no affiliations whatsoever to suicide girls. But the site is made for a plus sized community. And for the men who love plus sized woman.

The site as well as the magazine contains fashion, plus size models, film, literature, pin ups, bands, admiration and much, much more.

Another plus to suicidexl.com is that every Friday that have a radio show. You get to listen to your songs that everyone from the site requests, you get to hear about the new up and coming things going on with the site or the magazine and news from around the world.

If you haven't checked them out or seen the new magazine your missing out on everything.

If you would like to check them out here is a link to there site. I recommend this to everyone who loves to be different but feel at home and comforatable with who they are and not what the world thinks they need to be!